Decking is a popular choice for homeowners who want to expand their outdoor entertaining area. From birthday parties to a Sunday barbecue, this extra space can be invaluable. The correct extension perfectly connects the indoor with the outdoor, and many people look to a timber finish to complete the look.

Oziwood excels as a decking material. It is weatherproof, waterproof and highly durable, which is essential in a highly used area such as this. Food stains, stilettos and bucketing rain are all real threats to timber, but are no challenge for this product. A simple wash with water is all the cleaning that is needed to get rid of marks and messes. Over the years, Oziwood will fade slightly, in a similar manner to natural wood, but will not show other signs of ageing. The reeded finish is perfect for added grip and draining water.

When building your brand new deck, it is important to remember that Oziwood is over half raw timber, and as such it needs space to breathe. For this reason, we recommend leaving some space surrounding your deck to allow for adequate ventilation. Keep obstacles such as garden beds and trees at a distance to prevent sealing off the edges.

Finally, Oziwood is a perfect termite control solution. This engineered material will prevent any unwanted intruders from burrowing into your new structure. This is a crucial consideration, as a termite infestation in decking that is adjacent to your house is extremely dangerous.

Oziwood decking boards are reversible, with one side featuring a wood finish and the other a reeded finish. The boards come in two sizes and three unique colours. Choose between 90 x 25 x 5400 mm and 140 x 25 x 5400 mm boards, depending on your personal preference. Both sizes come in pine, red gum and gunmetal grey. Virtually anyone will be able to expertly install Oziwood, as all the hard work is done for you.



Privacy, appearance and security are just several of the reasons that homeowners invest in a fencing upgrade. There is no question that fencing dramatically impacts the appearance of any property, and that the material chosen can either complement or clash with the rest of the home. An Oziwood fence will seamlessly blend into your property and make a stunning first impression.

For those concerned about privacy and security, these screening panels can be secured close together to minimise what is visually available to passers by. The wood appearance is one of the few finishes that can be quite solid in structure without being overbearing. Oziwood provides customers with everything that they could want in a fence, for a fraction of the cost of solid timber.

The screening boards used for fencing come in five natural colours. As well as pine, red gum and gunmetal grey, there is also a paler grey and a cedar option. These first three hues are identical to the available decking board colours, so extending a matching colour scheme across your entire property is quite simple. All of our Oziwood screening boards are 63 x 19 x 4800 mm.

This affordable product is the ultimate way to improve the look and value of your home on a budget. Oziwood is the fencing of the future, and our team is proud to lead this shift towards more eco-friendly products.


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Cladding the exterior of the home serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. Because of Oziwood’s minimal maintenance and durability, it is a perfect choice for external cladding.

Residents who are looking to help their home blend in with more natural surroundings often opt for timber cladding. Unfortunately, while this might look stunning when first installed, after a couple of months there will be obvious discolouration due to sun exposure. After a year, the timber will begin to split and crack, which can present a problem structurally as well as looking unpleasant. The only way to prevent this is regular oiling, but this is not convenient on such a scale. By contrast, minimal maintenance is required to keep Oziwood in top condition, which makes it ideal for large cladding jobs.

Boards can be worked and sanded due to the natural timber component, which means that any design that you can imagine is possible. Horizontal cladding is the most popular and traditional use, but a vertical layout or even diagonal design is achievable. The plastic component ensures the structure of the material remains rigid. Warping and cracking is a problem for timber, but not for Oziwood. The composite material is far lighter than solid wood, meaning transportation, handling and installation is a breeze.

Cladding does more than just look pretty, it can also help to improve your home’s insulation. By adding another layer of material, especially one that has a high percentage of insulative wood, you help to trap heat inside in winter and stop heat from getting inside in summer. Not only is Oziwood beneficial for heat insulation, it will also help to improve sound insulation too. These added benefits make cladding a popular way to update and add value to any home, and there is no better product than Oziwood.

Eaves Lining


Eaves lining adds the finishing touch to the facade of your home. Everybody knows that in order to get flawless results on a big scale, every tiny detail must be executed to perfection. While your eaves might not be an obvious element in the appearance of your home, any mistakes will be clearly visible. What’s more, any damage will be magnified as the eaves actually protect the exterior walls of your house. If your eaves aren’t correct, then the rest of the house could suffer. Choose Oziwood for a natural finish that blends in to your property and provides ongoing performance throughout the years.

This overhanging area does not see a lot of sunlight, meaning that material installed here will remain rich in colour for many years. Oziwood is the perfect solution for situations where regular timber may not be appropriate. This could include homes that see very fluctuating conditions, or are perhaps beside the sea and experience a lot of erosion of natural materials. Flexible Oziwood is ideal for home use, as it can easily be modified to suit any home’s measurements. Any DIY enthusiast will be able to tick eaves lining off the to do list in no time.